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Construction Pigs

Construction Pigs typically have steel bodies with at least two scraper cups, an aluminum gauging plate, and possibly the inclusion of brushes. They are used during construction to confirm that the gauging plate passes through, and to help clean up welding slag and debris.

Batching Pigs

Batching Pigs are multi-purpose. They are used for product separation and to scrape and clean the pipe wall. This picture shows a typical 30” batching pig used in long lengths of pipeline (many hundreds of kilometres). It consists of a three-part steel body, a lead disc, two scraper cups, two additional discs, and a tail scraper cup.

Two Cup Brush Cleaning Pig

An example of a scraper cup model is the Two Cup Brush Cleaning pig. They are used to scrub pipelines thoroughly. The two scraper cups, along with the brushes, help remove welding slag, wax, paraffin, and scale build-up on the pipe walls. A third or fourth cup can be added to the ends of the pig to improve integrity.

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