Multi Cup

Like all of our solid-cast polyurethane pigs, the Multi Cup is relatively light-weight without compromising strength or endurance. The three-cup design results in a very effective seal, which is ideal for fluid removal or fluid segregation. The large contact area offered by the cup design also results in reduced wear and longer useful life.

Although the Multi Cup offers some moderate cleaning and scraping action, a Power Disc or Ultra Disc pig is recommended if scraping and cleaning is a primary objective.


  • 80 Durometer (Long Life Formulation) is standard, but this model is also available in 60 or 70 Durometer.
  • The standard model has a hollow core, which improves flexibility and allows the use of a transmitter if necessary. Solid core is available on any model. Solid core increases the product strength, which may be desirable in higherpressure systems.
  • Wrap-around brushes are available in both carbon steel and stainless. Brushes can be used to make cleaning more aggressive, and their use is recommended before chemical batch treatments.

Multi Cup

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