Filming Pig Sets (1C2D)

Filming Pig Sets are used to apply a film of inhibitor chemical to the inside of the pipeline. The most common purpose is to apply corrosion inhibitor to protect the steel pipeline from metal loss. A Lead Pig is placed in the pipeline, followed by a slug of corrosion inhibitor chemical (often mixed with diesel fuel), and finally the Filming Pig is placed at the end. The Lead and Filming Pigs keep the chemical slug contained, and the back disc of the Filming Pig is built to match the inside diameter of the pipeline very closely. As the slug travels down the pipeline, the rear Filming Pig applies a thin film of the chemical to the pipe wall.

When not being used to apply chemical, the Lead Pig can be used for liquid removal and general cleaning of loose and soft debris.


  • Available with a solid or hollow center post.
  • Bolt-on wire wheel brushes are available. These wire brushes can be used on the Lead Pig to further clean the pipe wall before application of chemical.
  • 80 Durometer (Long Life Formulation) is standard, but this model is also available in 60 or 70 Durometer.

Filming Pig Sets

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