Foam Pigs

Also known as “Foamies” or “Polly Pigs”, Foam Pigs are constructed from open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam and are usually moulded in one piece. The foam used can have varying densities ranging from 1 pound per cubic foot (16 kilograms per cubic metre) to 12 pounds per cubic foot (192 kilograms per cubic metre).

Virtually all Foam Pigs are available in sizes ranging from 0.5” to 60” in diameter, in 0.25” increments. It is very important to specify the actual size of the pig required when ordering, rather than stating the nominal size of the pipeline. Unlike Solid Cast Pigs that have a single size for each Nominal Pipe Size (NPS), Foam Pigs are delivered in the exact size ordered. For example, it is most common to use a 6.5” regular density foam pig in a 6” nominal pipeline. A 6” foam pig would be very ineffective in most 6” nominal pipelines because the outside diameter of the pig would be smaller than the inside diameter of the pipeline, assuming regular line pipe wall thicknesses.

The reason for the requirement to order by exact size is simple – Foam Pigs have much greater compressibility than Solid Cast Pigs, so the degree of over-sizing can vary significantly depending on the application and the foam density. Because there are so many variations, it is necessary to order the specific size to ensure that the product performs the function that you require.