Foam Swabs

Foam Swabs are made from lightweight (1-3 lb/ft3) open-cell polyurethane foam that is very porous and acts like a sponge to wick up liquids. They are mainly used in new pipeline construction during the drying phase, may be used to dry out operational lines in order to help meet dew point requirements, and are often used in municipal service (water and sewer lines). Foam Swabs are relatively low-cost items, typically with a simple cylindrical shape. As a standard measure to improve propulsion down the pipeline, we apply a polyurethane coating to the back of our Foam Swabs. Because of their low density, Foam Swabs have much lower wear resistance than our other foam and polyurethane products, and are often only good for one trip down the pipeline.


  • Available densities range from 1.2 lbs/ft3 to 3 lbs/ft3. Contact one of our technical advisors to discuss the best density for your application.
  • Tapered noses are available upon request.
  • Foam Swabs are available without the rear coating of polyurethane, upon request.
  • Pull Ropes and wood plates can be installed on large-diameter Foam Swabs (greater than 16”) to make handling easier. Note that it is very common to oversize swabs by 1-2” (or more, in the case of lines with diameters greater than 16”) above the pipeline inside diameter due to their extreme compressibility

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