Foam Squeegees

We manufacture a wide variety of Foam Squeegees. Depending on the model chosen, Foam Squeegees can be used for dewatering and fluid removal, light to heavy wiping, and aggressive scraping and cleaning. Various sizes, shapes, foam types, and coatings are available, allowing you to design the optimal product for your needs. Four details need to be determined before placing a Foam Squeegee order:

  1. Size: The exact diameter of the required Foam Pig must be specified. This will be dependent on the Nominal Pipe Size, wall thickness, and desired amount of oversize.
  2. Shape: Standard Bullet Nose, Double Dish, or Double Nose.
  3. Foam Type: Regular or Hard. Note that foams with custom hardness are available upon request.
  4. Coating: Bare, Criss-Cross Coated, Fully Coated, Criss-Cross Wire Brush, Power Brush, or Silicone Carbide Coated.

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