Ultra Disc

The Ultra Disc is a versatile cleaning, scraping, and fluid removal pipeline pig. It is solid-cast in one piece and is made of 100% polyurethane. The front cup allows for easy launching (even in low pressure systems) and the rear cup acts as the main seal to propel the pig down the line. The middle four discs are additional seal and contact points to ensure maximum cleaning and scraping action, as well as to remove as much fluid as possible.

Multiple sealing points and moderate length make this model excellent for passing through pipeline fittings such as check valves, y-laterals, and tees. It is also flexible and can negotiate most tight radius bends and minor pipeline deformities. Shorter versions, lower Durometers, and/or a hollow core should be considered if it is known that the pipeline contains short-radius 90 degree bends.


  • 80 Durometer (Long Life Formulation) is standard, but this model is also available in 60 or 70 Durometer.
  • The standard model has a hollow core, which improves flexibility and allows the use of a transmitter if necessary. Solid core is available on any model. Solid core increases the product strength, which may be desirable in higher-pressure systems.
  • Wrap-around brushes are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. Brushes can be used to make cleaning more aggressive, and their use is recommended before chemical batch treatments.

ultra discs

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